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Just after Mayor Rob Ford's media scrum where he uttered words that, to put it mildly, you wouldn't expect from a mayor, especially in front of the media, I got an email from a friend. It read “Being Rob Ford's PR person must be the 7th level of hell.”

That, as well, puts it mildly.

As a crisis communications case study, he's a walking disaster. Suffice to say he continually breaks every rule in the book.

Did you believe him when he said yesterday that the latest allegations against him aren't true? Exactly. Not an ounce of credibility left.

These latest developments – the sexual stuff, the admission of buying illegal drugs while mayor, the apparent prostitutes, the admitted drinking and driving, the questionable company he keeps, the vehement denials of every accusation until he has to admit they are true - geeze, you can't make this stuff up.

So if you are his PR person, yeah, this is the 7th level of hell, but

crisis communications help is the last thing Rob Ford needs right now. Not that he appears ready to take any anyway, but what is unfolding here is well beyond a communications issue.

Hypothetically, if he were to wake up tomorrow morning and decide that he will get some professional crisis communications help, and whoever he brought in did do some things to start turning this train wreck around, that just might be the worst thing that could happen to him. 

Repairing his reputation would take a very long time if it is possible at all, but that's not the point. The point is that right now there is tremendous pressure on the mayor to get help – not communications help – addictions and mental health help. That's where the pressure needs to stay.

If a crisis communications consultant takes over and stops the bleeding in that they stop him from digging the hole deeper with every word he utters to the media, that pressure to get help would likely lessen. And, like any addict, he would take advantage of that. And, it will become all that much easier to resist getting help. And that, eventually, could kill him.

Communications is the lesser of his problems. For him, it is not where the focus needs to be. 


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