Change Management & Communication

Anxiety, paranoia, fear, mistrust, depression, sustained stress.

These emotional reactions among employees can prevent necessary change in the workplace from succeeding. The ability of employees at all levels to adapt to change is vital to the kind of organizational flexibility essential in today's business world.

Consider the changes your own operation has undergone in recent years, or may be facing in the future. Perhaps it is the consolidation and reorganization of various departments and the resulting layoff of several longtime employees. Maybe it is a profitability initiative requiring tighter budgeting and improved performance. It might even be something as simple as the launch of a new employee magazine and company website, and you need to ensure everyone contributes to, and uses the new tools.

Only through skilled and thoughtful change management can companies expect important changes to be accepted, embraced and successfully imbedded in the organization. Two elements are necessary for this to happen—change leadership and change communication.

Bissett Matheson has a trained and experienced change communication expert in Senior Associate Sharon Pond. She received training while working with a leading global company that was among the first to recognize the importance of managing change as it impacts employees who ultimately determine whether the change will succeed. She went on to be a lead player in the company's change management team.

Bissett Matheson can help your business or organization learn how to plan for change (large or small) so that you earn the all-important trust and buy-in of your employees.