Crisis Management

Imagine the worst case scenario.

Now ask yourself, is your organization prepared to handle it? A reputation that took years to build can crumble in an instant if crisis is not handled properly.

When a crisis strikes, you'll have two priorities:

  • Bringing the crisis under control
  • Dealing with key stakeholders and intense media attention

Meeting this challenge requires expertise and experience. BissettMatheson Communications has always worked in this specialized field, and now it has taken its crisis communications to a new level through a special affiliation with one of the most respected crisis communications organizations in the world.

With a wealth of experience and training, BissettMatheson is an Eastern Canadian leader in crisis communications. President Duncan Matheson has worked in crisis communications since day one, first as a journalist, then as a consultant. Senior Associate Gina Wilkins dealt with numerous institutional crises when working at UNB Saint John, including deaths of students, staff and faculty, the SARS scare and a "white powder" incident. Sharon Pond likewise has considerable corporate-side crisis communications experince particularly in the forestry sector.

Both Duncan and Gina have added to their crisis communications experience with training at the Kentucky-based Institute for Crisis Management (ICM), one of North America's foremost companies in the field.

What does this ICM connection mean to BissettMatherson clients?

  • First, it means that clients can be assured that when they turn to BissettMatheson, they will be dealing with people with expertise in crisis communications.
  • Second, it means that, should the need arise, BissettMatheson has the resources and counsel of the Institute of Crisis Management at its clients' disposal.
  • Third, BissettMatheson is the only firm in Central or Eastern Canada licensed to offer ICM's crisis management programs, including training.


Crises, whether big or small in the grand scheme of things, dramatically affect the company or group involved. The ability to rebound usually hinges on how well you communicate with shareholders, employees, customers or constituents, and with the media and the public at large.

BissettMatheson crisis communications services begin with planning and include being there for our clients when the inevitable day arrives, with counsel, hands-on assistance, and whatever else it takes.