Media and Public Relations

First of all, understand that media relations and public relations are related, but are not the same thing.

Media Relations is about having and building upon strong relationships with editors and reporters, based on mutual respect. The BissettMatheson team has strong credibility in this area, with more than 60 years, collectively, of actual journalism experience among our group. So, when a client has a newsworthy story or view to get out there, we have the connections and ability to help make that happen.

Public Relations is broader. It is an ongoing effort to create and maintain the image you want the public to have of your company or organization. This includes how the media perceives you, but the emergence of social media has changed the Public Relations landscape considerably, to the point where building a positive public image is now more of a blend of traditional and new media. Research shows that the public, including those important to you, will now go to your website or other social media to learn about your company or organization, as well as relying on traditional media. For you, that's as much an opportunity as a challenge.

At BissettMatheson, we know that social media is a force to be embraced, but also we have been around long enough to understand that social media isn't the be all or end all, and that traditional media still matters. It's about finding the proper balance, and we can help with that.