Strategic Communication Planning

This is about effectively getting your story or messages out, or managing a new initiative or change in your organization.

Effective communications begins with a communications strategy. Without one, you are leaving your communications to chance. At BissettMatheson, we like strategies, and you should too. They increase the odds considerably that your communications effort will accomplish what you want it to.

Whether it's about enhancing your public profile, promoting a program, or persuading people to support your cause, let us help you by first determining what you need, then developing the right approach.

The strategy required might be very simple, or it might be complex depending on the communications challenge. If what you require is involved, we will likely recommend a two-stage approach. First, a communications audit, then your communications plan.

Communications audit

A communications audit is a systematic examination of the current state of your communications, both internally and externally.

  • It looks at how your messages are developed, and how effectively they get to the people they are intended to reach.
  • It identifies any bottlenecks or roadblocks in the way of getting the messages to their intended destination.
  • It identifies what, in your communication system, is working well, and what isn't.
  • Internally, it looks at both top down and bottom up communications. You'll find out, for example, to what extent people in the field are getting your messages, and whether you are getting theirs.
  • It will tell you whether your communications efforts are cost-effective, or whether and where you are wasting money.

Once complete, you will have a comprehensive communications audit report that will tell you where you stand. This can be the basis for development of a customized communications plan.

Communications plan

This is where you really take charge of your communications. Rather than any aspect of it being left to chance, you will have a blueprint designed to make the most of your communications efforts. The plan will include objectives, methods, timelines and a system of evaluation to measure progress.

A communications plan really does make a difference.