Aside from the Media Training and Crisis Communications courses which BissettMatheson has been delivering since the early 90s, the firm has had great success with several other workshops it has developed over the years.
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Writing News Releases

The place of the news release in generating publicity has shifted in recent years. It remains a fundamental vehicle in dealing with the media but it is no longer the best choice in every circumstance. However, when they are appropriate it's more important than ever that they are written properly, so in BissettMatheson's Writing News Releases, you'll learn an excellent step-by-step approach to doing that. And you'll learn why, when and how to issue a news release, but also how to tell when a different approach would be a better idea, what that approach should be, and how to do it. This workshop really is about much more than writing.

Effective Lobbying

Over the years lobbying has developed a tainted or sleazy reputation.The way some practise it, it may be less than honourable, but that's not the norm. Lobbying is a legitimate function within our democratic system. In our Effective Lobbying workshop, you'll learn that lobbying is serious business not partisan politics. You will learn the four tracks of lobbying, the most common mistake made in lobbying, and the 11 steps to a solid, strategic lobbying effort.

Improving Your Corporate Image

Do you envy those people or companies that seem to get all the attention as if they are the only people who are good at what they do? Did you ever consider that this isn't just good luck on their part? In BissettMatheson's Improving Your Corporate Image workshop, you'll learn the importance and benefits of a positive corporate image, the steps to developing and nurturing a positive image, how to position yourself in the media, and the benefits of adopting a proactive media policy. In short, we'll show you how to get your share of that positive attention.

Making Effective Presentations

Making presentations regardless of the topic, and regardless of whether it is a PowerPoint presentation or a speech, is a performance and has to be approached and presented as one. In this workshop you'll learn the eight steps to preparing an effective presentation, and tips on everything from body language to gaining buy-in from the audience. Note that this is a workshop on content and presentation skills, not on the use of presentations technology.

Communication, Social Interaction and Interviewing

This is a specialized course we offer with the assistance of Cpl. Mark Lord of the Fredericton Police Force and one of the foremost experts in the skill of interviewing for the purposes of determining whether the subject is being truthful. Mark has lectured all over the world on this topic and has used his special skills to help agencies ranging from the FBI and the Canadian, U.S. and Australian Military, to police forces throughout North America and Europe and the Canadian Bar Association.This workshop will be of particular interest to clients who have a particular interest in knowing whether people they talk to are being truthful.