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  It is interesting to watch how the Harper Conservatives are taking a page out of the Republican playbook, not just for the campaign but also over the past few years. The basis is appealing to what American politicos refer to...
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I heard it said once – “Whatever you do, don’t piss off seniors. They have nothing better to do than figure out ways to make your life miserable”. An over simplification for sure, but I expect there is a gem...
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For 24 hours the other day, the most trending topic on Google by Canadians was “How to sponsor a Syrian”. It continues to rank high. That speaks volumes to the Canadian reaction to the Syrian crisis, forced into our collective...
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  We have all seen the pattern. The Gallant government institutes or suggests a cut, community or special interest committees are formed, unions mobilize, Letters to the Editor are written, and the popularity of the government drops a few more notches....
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Attack ads are notorious for distorting the truth, grabbing a little snippet out of a speech and presenting it completely out of context.  It’s all about creating a negative impression, making a person seem incompetent, scary, dishonest, whatever. They work on...
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